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Temptation of Jesus

13 Feb 2016

First Sunday of Lent  -   Jesus is tempted by the Devil.


The temptations of Jesus were three.

The devil tempted him 1) to use his power selfishly for his own benefit 2) to subject himelf to devil for glory and power

3) to dispute with God in orde to prove his identity as Son of God.

All our temptations will fall into one of three that Jesus faced.

Every temptation is an occasion to prove our worth to ourself .

Time of temptation is like a furnace not to get burnt in it but to come out of it like a shining silver.

FRIDAY Feb.12, STATIONS of the CROSS, at 7:00 pm

11 Feb 2016

Friday 2/12 at 7:00 pm we pray the Stations of the Cross.

We pray for all the children and the teens who live the challenging cituations of

Bullying, Peer Presures, Temptations to Narcotica, Alcohol, and Harmful Websites.

Jesus had the inner strength to live through sufferings of cross. He will strenghten our suffering children.

Jesus changed the suffering of the cross to Resurrection. He will heal them and revive them to new life.

Come let us pray for our children.




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