Golden Jubilee

St. Thomas More is Celebrating Fifty Years!

The Parish of St. Thomas More began in December, 1967.  During the Church Year of 2017 (Dec. 2016 - Dec. 2017) our parish will celebrate the Golden Jubilee milestone.

There will be many spiritual events in which parishioners of all ages may take part.  Use the main menu of this website to find specific topics of interest, or come to this main page and connect to various pieces of information via the links below.

  • Photos: Parishioner Frank Bayer has been documenting the life of our parish in photo form for many years.  He has set up a special web page where you can view photos of all the events taking place during this year.
  • Events: Stay up to date with our event calendar.  Don't miss out on all the exciting activities taking place.  Each month there will be at least one opportunity to consider.
  • Info: There's frequently information communicated at Mass and in the bulletin.  If you missed some of it, or just need a refresher, stay connected to our latest information page.
  • Improvements: A major part of our year-long celebration is the design and implementation of some much-needed physical renovation to our church location. 
  • Documentary: We are collecting photos, videos, articles and personal memories from all fifty years and creating a video documentary.  Find out how you can contribute to our parish history project.
  • Journal: We are publishing a commemorative journal, containing photographs, parish history, good wishes from other parishes, and boosters. If you'd like to place an ad in the journal, you can fill out this form, which has instructions on how to return it.

Come share the Spirit Of Love with us as we celebrate 50 years of being the People of God in the community of Hauppauge, united in the love of Christ!